Far Left Wingnut Felarca Arrested: Finally Charged Inciting Riot!

Far Left Wingnut Felarca Arrested: Finally Charged Inciting Riot!

Controversial BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) and ANTIFA (Anti-Fascist, Anti-First Amendment) member known by the name of Yvette Felarca was arrested on Wednesday July 19th on charges of inciting a riot stemming from last June on the campus of UC Berkeley in California.

Felarca, whose real name is actually Yvonne Capistrano Felarca, is also a BUSD (Berkeley Unified School District) middle school teacher. Specific charges against her ranged from participating in and inciting a riot, as well as assault by means of force likely to inflict great bodily injury, according to the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office.

Felarca attacked a Trump supporter she had labeled as a “white nationalist” leading to a scuffle which potentially touched off a riot.

You can hear the left-wingnut yell “GET THE FUCK OFF OUR STREETS” as she closes in for a punch packing all the force of a petulant 3rd grader, however it’s not the result, the issue is with the intent of doing harm, as well as inciting others to do so as well.

Video of that exchange here:

Felarca hasn’t really tried to lay low since then, video here of another assault a few months ago:

Keep in mind, the insane events that went on at UC Berkeley were due to the left wing media’s incitement of a so called “protest” which was by default a full scale riot over the former Breitbart editor and self proclaimed “world’s most dangerous faggot” Milo Yiannopolous attempting to speak at UC Berkeley. This coincided with the timeline of Felarca’s actions, and her organization of the event against Milo was well known.

Recently an article Yiannopolous ran exposed the connection between Felarca’s BAMN group and the notorious U.N. backed NAMBLA (National Organization For Man Boy Love) agenda, which is little more than a front for pedophilia and child trafficking on a global scale. It might also be no coincidence that Donald Trump has chosen to go after child traffickers and has drawn the ire of Felarca and her supporters.

Meanwhile, the BUSD and Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School handed must have figured 6 weeks of administrative leave for the incident was more than enough punishment for the multiple physical assaults and thousands of dollars in property damage caused by Felarca and her fellow wing nuts. The little menace returned in early November just in time for the unfortunate kids who have to be exposed to this extremist’s brainwashing techniques to give thanks for being taught how to despise free speech and thought instead of turkey and stuffing.

Watch this hilarious new video by YouTube Channel Very Fake News celebrating the fact Felarca has been taken into custody:

Ultimately what needs to be learned from this is that hypocritical extreme leftist activists like “Yvette” Felarca need to be exposed for their actions. They incite violence, attempt to stifle free speech, and accuse others of trying to do that to them when they are the epitome of the fascist ideal.

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