A Lot Going On With Awan: Possible Key to Pedogate

Updating a developing story, IT guru and DNC Vendor of choice of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Imran Awan has raised the bar on the bank fraud charges he was picked up for when trying to leave the country.

As it turns out, there may have been some sensitive material on Awan’s own personal machine, as well as some questionable preferences on his YouTube account.

Awan was a fan of a YouTube Channel called Seven Super Girls. Somehow Daniel Tosh of Tosh.0 found out about this particular channel prior to the arrest of Awan and called it out on his show as a feast for pedophiles.

Coincidentally enough, Youtube lists it on their page as “The largest all girl partner collaboration on YouTube.”

So just what does that really mean? Apparently it means that strange IT Vendors who were pegged as a security risk by the Whitehouse and just so happen to have had access to the servers which housed 33,000 questionable emails that were bleach-bitted (yes I used that phrase) into oblivion, and also contained the odd verbiage of John Podesta and others referencing pedophile code language according to FBI training documents.

In the meantime, if you were to ask Debbie Wasserman Schultz (we wouldn’t), it means racism. Yup, leave it up to the snake haired one herself to spin this into a typical leftist race baiting identity politics ****fest.

According to Debbie:

“After details of the investigation were reviewed with us, my office was provided no evidence to indicate that laws had been broken, which over time, raised troubling concerns about due process, fair treatment and potential ethnic and religious profiling. Upon learning of his arrest, he was terminated.”

Sure, you little democratic gorgon you. It’s not about child porn, wikileaks, the DNC scandal, pedo/pizza-gate, and the entire sordid web the democrats had been weaving trying to make way for their chosen successor to Barack Obama in Hillary Clinton.

In the meantime Judge Andrew Napolitano highlights the fact that Awan could have leveraged the information he had come across on the black market by selling intelligence to foreign countries. This is the number one reason the bastard was labeled a security risk in the first place and Debbie the rest of the DNC knew this and proceeded to allow this scumbag access to sensitive information. Watch below:

By proxy, not in technical terms but as a matter of the access he was given, Awan had been given free reign to the emails of every single member of the United States Congress. This is a flat out disaster for National Security as it includes information privy to the House Intelligence committee. Enemies both foreign and domestic would be licking their chops to make use of this info and Awan likely was looking to sell it to the highest bidder on the dark web, if he hasn’t already.

Some potential findings on the web have even indicated that Awan was seen at the bar with deceased DNC staffer Seth Rich the night he was shot in Washington D.C. This is a stunning revelation.

Roger Stone joins Alex Jones on Info Wars Via Skype in this clip to break it all down:

It appears things may be coming full circle at a break neck pace in terms of connecting the dots with the deception on the part of the DNC and Hillary Clinton in running their campaign.

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