Terror In Our Backyard: Home Grown Threat Attempts to Roost in Shadow of Calling For Biological and Nuclear Attacks Excalibur Report Exclusive on Remaining Vigilant


In a story that may not have grabbed national attention with the deluge of fake news and endless coverage of the United Airlines debacle (we admit we’re guilty of over sharing memes on this one) it may have flown under the radar that arrests of suspected radical Islamic State supporters occurred in the far north suburb of Chicago Illinois known as Zion.

What makes this a little more noteworthy for us here at the Excalibur Report is we are based out of this small town. Zion is no stranger to petty crime like any other suburban town, but the thought of terrorists trying to assemble in the area might not cross many people’s minds if any. Unless you’re a potential jihadi apparently.

In a somewhat bizarre circumstance it was learned that two Zion Illinois men have been charged with providing the Islamic State with material support by helping train and equip fighters for the terror organization. According to reports from the Chicago Tribune Joseph Jones and Edward Schimenti, both 35, met with a supposed jihadist at a Zion gym with the intent to get in combat shape, as well as bought cell phones from a local retailer with the intent to use them as bomb detonators in battle.

This past Friday Jones and Schimenti dropped the man off at O’Hare International Airport, believing he was traveling to Middle East to kill infidels (hey we’re right here) in the name of ISIS.

Schimenti allegedly uttered “drench the land with they, they blood,” as a send off for his supposed Islamic brethren.

However, Jones and Schimenti had been conspiring with an FBI covert informant. The arrest was the culmination of 2 years of red flagging the social media accounts of the two potential radicals as their posts tended to support terrorist activities. Agents arrested the pair in their homes at 5 a.m. Wednesday morning April 12th charging them with a criminal complaint of conspiring to provide material support and resources to the Islamic State or ISIS terror organization.

Watch a clip from the local WGN TV news detailing the arrest here:

Charges carry a maximum sentence of 20 years if convicted. Jones was employed at the local Cancer Treatment Centers of America facility and attended college part time. Schimenti is understood to have worked in customer service. Insert your favorite customer service meme here… He was also purported to have a penchant for ISIS propaganda and beheading videos, and had cooked up a half baked plot to attack the Great Lakes Naval Station in North Chicago during a Naval Academy Graduation Ceremony.

Even more strange, both Jones and Schimenti alluded to knowing they were being set up by the feds but went along with it anyways. Back in 2015 he was accused of being belligerant by the chairman of the local Lake County Black Lives Matter movement (quite a feat I admit) for going on a violent rant at a rally being held for Justus Howell, who had been shot by Zion Police.

“I remember him – we had to take the mic away from him because he was too radical,” this from Clyde McLemore on Wednesday as he recalled Schimenti speaking at the rally. “In his speech he said ‘kill the police’ and he talked about blowing up the police station.”

McLemore insists that the group banned Schimenti from any future events. If only all chapters of BLM took that attitude… “We protest peacefully,” he said.

Keep in mind, terrorists have plotted out strategic attack points in the United States and are attempting to radicalize Americans to become ISIS muslims and carry out attacks in the name of jihad and Allah

In a clip below from we can see how the potential recruiting of ISIS patsies to carry out a terror attack on American soil in the name of the Islamic State, or even as an FBI patsie, is a very real possibility. Fast forward to the 5:30 mark if you want to see the part about attacking the nuke plant. However, we recommend watching the whole clip to understand the mentality and the tactics of these Imams who use manipulation of the masses in order to inspire radicals to attack the western civilized world in the name of jihad.


Click the image to see the video


Rest assured The Excalibur Report will remain vigilant in the face of these threats in our backyard, stay tuned to our website for more updates on this and other ISIS related content. Like and share this article on social media to raise awareness and realize this could be anyone in the heartland of America.


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Terror In Our Backyard: Home Grown Threat Attempts to Roost in Shadow of Calling For Biological and Nuclear Attacks Excalibur Report Exclusive on Remaining Vigilant"> Share



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